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Automotive EV / AV Development

With in-house resources for hardware, software, and system development, Ettractive is the partner for full-vehicle integration programs. Whether repower or new construction, Ettractive supports the development of durable, safe electric vehicles.

Innovate. Create. Repeat.

lexus vehicle electric conversion

Example: Passenger Car EV / AV

Ettractive supports the complete integration of EV and AV systems. For a NEW prototype vehicle, Ettractive has integrated numerous new systems including the EV powertrain, lighting, body control and autonomous driving systems. Managing CAN, LIN and automotive ethernet, Ettractive has developed unique control and capability for the vehicle on road and in the cabin.

Example: Low-Cost Micromobility

The drive unit above is an example of a bespoke product developed by Ettractive. This drive unit features 2 low-cost, 48v motors and a unique torque-vectoring gearbox. This gearbox provides an opportunity for implementing advanced traction control on low-cost hardware and is purpose-built for emerging EV markets. The drive unit is in an isolated mounting within a vehicle subframe offering ease-of-service without access to a vehicle hoist.

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Automotive Product Development

Whether electric or conventionally-powered, every vehicle and aftermarket component is an automotive product. With a wide knowledge-base, Ettractive supports all automotive product development programs, no matter the powertrain.

Automotive System Integration

To integrate systems with speed and efficiency, it takes system and vehicle-level experience which can be hard to find. With our roots in automotive systems like thermal management for high-performance gas vehicles, Ettractive has the vehicle level understanding of synergies and interactions to shave months off of your development programs.

Charging and Power Conversion

Some unique programs require unique hardware and software. Ettractive works with partners in the development of bespoke automotive hardware and charging systems. From high-powered DC/DC converters for vehicle-to-vehicle DCFC charging or custom vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications, working with Ettractive expands beyond just integration.

Testing and Development

With experience instrumenting electric and ICE-powered vehicles, Ettractive can support your testing and benchmarking activity. From thermocouples, to flowmeters, to HV analysis, Ettractive can help you learn about your system.

EV Motorsport

There’s more to automotive development than experience and spreadsheets. Exceptional product development takes passion. Motorsport is a passion for Ettractive, with team members competing in club-level endurance and time attack racing every year. Ettractive is here to develop unique product and systems for the future of electrified motorsport.

Innovate. Create. Repeat.

Example: EV Drive Unit for Club Racing Car

Ettractive partner Scalar Performance (SCALAR PERFORMANCE) is bringing the first fully-electrified club racing car to market in 2022. Ettractive’s fully-bespoke drive unit couples an 800v powertrain to the rear wheels of the car via a unique gear reduction and limited-slip differential. Only through the custom development of this part was Scalar Performance capable of opening up the complete tunnel for battery packaging and preserving the rear suspension of the OEM vehicle. 

Example: Hardware for Software

Cutting-edge software needs somewhere to live. To solve this problem, Ettractive has launched a motorsport-focused VCU (Vehicle Control Unit). This product supports the development and deployment of bespoke controls for motorsport applications. The machined aluminum housing and Deutsch Autosport connectors meet the requirements of our customers and racing teams at all levels of motorsport. Data can be encrypted and transmitted through advanced features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS and LTE connectivity.

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution in motorsport. While teams compete to find tenths and hundredths of seconds in lap time, an off-the-shelf solution will not make the grade. Ettractive can support all levels of motorsport, developing and integrating solutions that extract every bit of performance, incorporating advanced materials, thorough testing, and efficient power conversion and control strategies.


Bespoke Motorsport Electrification

While the primary focus of Ettractive’s headquarters is the support of new product hardware, software and controls, Ettractive is seeking partners and customers for the next wave of EV race cars and bikes.

Off-Road, Overland, and Rally

As customers start to push the limits of electrified and hybrid vehicles in the world of off-roading and overlanding, Ettractive is here to support a new realm of electrified equipment. Ettractive supports the development and testing of components and systems to meet the targets of companies working in the off-road, overland, and rally car markets.



With the ability to work with a wide range of budgets, Ettractive can provide the consulting and development needed to bring your first high-voltage devices to market.

Commercial and Fleet Vehicles

Commercial and fleet vehicles are where Ettractive got started, years before bespoke EVs were mainstream. Amortizing engineering and development amongst even small fleets can provide excellent payback for operators. With high investments in vocational equipment, a bespoke EV solution can be the best way to reduce fuel costs and emissions.

Commercial Powertrain

The duty cycles and performance targets for trucks are very different than passenger cars. Working with Ettractive, our customers get the best value powertrains that actually meet the requirements of the trucking industry


Fleet owners know the costs associated with on-road incidents, and the industry is responding by seeking advances in ADAS technology. Ettractive supports ADAS and autonomous development with hardware, controls and integrated development projects.


Achieving diesel-equivalent performance in EVs can be aided with modifications to vehicle chassis and body systems. Ettactive works with each customer’s feedback to develop the best solution for their application or product.


Durability is the name of the game in fleet operation and Ettractive recognizes the parts, engineering and processes needed to maintain fleet uptime and minimize diagnostic challenges. Ettractive constructs validation plans around real world usage, customer data and the budgets of our customers.

Start Your EV Project

Open and close the book on complete projects with Ettractive. Hardware and software are designed, build and produced at scale for your program.

Electrified Powertrain

Drive unit, gearbox, driveline and transmission.


Software and hardware development for modern ADAS systems and self-driving.

Integration & Conversion

Design, build, test and scale your project.

Electrified Systems

Hardware and software for new EV systems – HVAC, thermal management, battery, PTO, etc.

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