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Citadel Low Voltage Battery Pack

Ettractive is proud to announce a new product for the EV and battery storage markets.

Innovate. Create. Repeat.

Rated for high power delivery, Citadel can supply a peak current 1200 amps at 48v (600 at 96v) making it suitable for small vehicles both on and off-road. The health of each cell is monitored by the onboard BMS system, which can be configured for external CANbus control or for analog control in simpler electric storage applications. Controls are accessed via a 12-pin Deutsch connector.

This pack features silver-plated copper busbars throughout, as well as serviceable connections to each cell. TE contactors and high-pressure crimps are used in the wiring. The BMS supports current limiting and safety disconnect of the pack if an unsustainable temperature rise is detected. Of course, this pack also supports active balancing and sends fault information over CAN.

Ettractive has worked to incorporate every desirable feature and to provide a pack that is ready-to-install for customers.

Energy Storage Systems: Citadel vs. Tesla Powerwall

When comparing the Citadel battery pack to a Tesla Powerwall, by simply adding a 12kW peak inverter/charger, you can achieve a system with twice the capacity for the same or lower cost. Ettractive support is here to help you integrate your system and get your on-grid or off-grid solar system working at peak efficiency. Contact us today.

Best Applications:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Forklifts
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Backup Power
  • Off-grid Storage


    Capacity 28 kWh
    Voltage (nominal) 48 96
    Peak Current (A) 1200 600
    Weight 218 kg / 480 lbs 218 kg / 480 lbs
    Dimensions (overall) 234x812x732
    wH/kg 128
    wH/L 216
    Power Interface 4x 2/0 Cable 2x 4/0 Cable
    Controls Interface Deutsch DT04-12PA-LE01
    BMS Standard Standard
    CAN control Standard Standard
    Analog control On Request On Request
    Mounting Flanges On Request On Request
    Controls Configuration Configured by Ettractive per Customer Use

    Office Location

    2240 Olympia Dr. Oldcastle
    Ontario N0R 1L0, Canada

    Phone: 226 788 9504

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