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Commercial / Fleet EV & AV Development

Truck, Bus, and Off-highway electrification involve some unique challenges. Our facility is selected to handle Class 8 tractors and 40ft. buses, and experience with electric, hybrid, and hydrogen development at 80k lbs GVWR and beyond. Ettractive offers specific expertise and valuable resources for fleet, vocational and commercial vehicle electrification.

Innovate. Create. Repeat.

Example: Class 4 Electrification

Ettractive has significant experience in the electrification of medium and heavy-duty trucks. In this program, Ettractive created a bespoke battery package within the vehicle frame rails and designed and simulated the motor mounting and driveline. The result saw and improvement in NVH performance while decreasing component costs.

Example: Class 8 Hydrogen

Ettractive has significant experience with hydrogen systems and integration in classes 4-8 and transit bus applications. In this program, Ettractive supports the integration of a new hydrogen storage system for a growing US OEM.

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Ettractive’s CTO started his career in gasoline engine development and worked on projects with Chrysler (now Stellantis) and Ford Performance. Ettractive has the ability to integrate gasoline, diesel and gaseous ICE powertrains for on and off-highway applications. This includes the controls and software for mild, full, plug-in and range-extender hybrid vehicles.


Not all commercial applications are thousands of pounds. The future of the transport of goods and people will involve micro-mobility and robotics. Ettractive has experience with low voltage systems and the development and testing of micro 4-wheelers and 3-wheelers for overseas markets.


Not all commercial and fleet applications are land-based. With experience in the design of controls and software for marine applications, Ettractive can support the next generation of electrified boats and barges. From 5 to 500hp, Ettractive supports hardware and software development for challenging marine applications.

Robotics & Autonomy

Robotizing difficult and dangerous tasks represents another way that EV and ADAS tech is moving the world forward. Ettractive can provide the guidance and development support needed to help improve reliability, durability and to speed up the launch of robotic technology.

Motorsport Product / Vehicle Development

While commercial electrification offers the biggest opportunity for the reduction of emissions, motorsport electrification is making big strides. Electrified motorsport offers excellent wheel-to-wheel racing, reduces noise and allows for advanced car control.



Make fewer compromises on the design of your vehicle or product with the support of Ettractive. The best performance comes from a powertrain that fits like an OEM build with the energy storage system (battery).

Battery and Charging

Motorsport offers some unique opportunities and challenges for charging, both the lack of high current AC power and the timing of the event warrant a holistic review of the product offering. Ettractive can support new and bespoke charging and infrastructure solutions for motorsport.

Chassis and Vehicle Dynamics

Motorsport chassis development is an artform. Ettractive approaches every EV design process by giving the chassis the respect it deserves. Ettractive solutions integrate with chassis development or Ettractive will support chassis modifications through re-work, new drawings, simulation, and testing. This attention to chassis & vehicle dynamics separates Ettractive from our competition.


Motorsport body development represents unique opportunities to optimize the performance of a motorsport-focused EV project. Ettractive can support body development or modification from concept to molds, to finished project.

Start Your EV Project

Open and close the book on complete projects with Ettractive. Hardware and software are designed, built and produced at scale for your program.

Electrified Powertrain

Drive unit, gearbox, driveline and transmission.


Software and hardware development for modern ADAS systems and self-driving.

Integration & Conversion

Design, build, test and scale your project.

Electrified Systems

Hardware and software for new EV systems – HVAC, thermal management, battery, PTO, etc.

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